RVG Group has a multifocal approach to different sectors in the industry

RVG Technology

We focus on bringing modern web technologies to your business. We create new and fresh website for your business.

RVG Productions

We focus on bringing multimedia to the world. We strive to deliver video and multimedia productions to the highest of industry standards. AGORA Festival is our biggest production.

RVG Tutoring

Need a tutor? We can help you with all of your tutoring needs! Find the best tutors in South Africa.

RVG Edu – skooltake.com

School projects always a struggle? We are here to help you with any school project. Just visit our online store!

About us

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RVG Group focuses on different industries, while maintaining unity. Whether we develop websites, or employ a range of private tutors, we can provide in a range of subspecialties.

  • excellence

    we achieve excellent customer satisfaction

  • quality

    we deliver services and products of the highest standard

  • experience

    we have experience and expertise in all our fields

Meet The Team

This is our hard working managing directors, making sure every department runs smoothly
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Rutger van Gruting

CEO of RVG Group and Managing Director: RVG Technology
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Managing Director: RVG Productions
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Managing Director: RVG Tutoring
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Managing Director: RVG Edu

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